Results of Research Support Programs

The University Grants Commission has recently published the final results of PhD Fellowships, Collaborative Research Grants, Faculty Research Grants, Small Research Development and Innovation Grants and Master’s Thesis Preparation Support Grants for the fiscal year 2076/77.

The Commission has decided to provide PhD fellowship to 49 students. Likewise, forty four faculties have been awarded with grants for carrying out Small Research Development and Innovation Grants and 201 students have been selected as the recipients of financial support to prepare their master’s theses. The Commission also decided to provide the Faculty Research Grants to the 34 university teachers and seven research projects have been awarded for Collaborative Research Grants for fiscal year 2076/77.

Every fiscal year the Commission provides the grants for different research support programs to promote research, development and innovation through research funding to HEIs, the faculty and students as well as to strengthen research infrastructure of HEIs in the country. The UGC research funds are directed to reinforce opportunities for academic programs and research initiatives on relevant and appropriate fields and disciplines. Supporting the faculty and institutions financially along with required expertise and resources helps colleges and universities maintain research–based higher education. Moreover, these institutions can prepare trained scholars and researchers competent in policy making, knowledge production and dissemination in the greater interest of the nation and the entire world. It can further strengthen the research capacity development, inculcation of investigative and inquisitive academic culture in higher education institutions and increase in research output.

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Posted on : 29th November, 2020
Posted by : Devendra Rawal
Division : Administrative Division
Updated on : 29th November, 2020

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Results of Research Support Programs
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