Publication of Annual Program Guideline, 2077

University Grants Commission has recently published the Annual Program Guideline, 2077 for implementing its regular programs during the fiscal year 2077-78. The Board Meeting of the Commission held on 26th August 2020 had approved to pass the guideline for the implementation. The Annual Program Guideline describes the intended work programs of the Commission for the quality development of the higher education. It explains the context and priorities of UGC program areas, and describes funding modality, application procedures and required documents.

This guideline is comprehensive and includes the details of the programs to be implemented in the current fiscal year such as development and regular grants for universities and campuses, scholarships and thesis support for the students, financial support for the capacity building of the university and campus staff, research support programs for faculties and HEIs institutions, quality assurance and accreditation for HEIs and other different quality improvement programs.

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Posted on : 29th November, 2020
Posted by : Devendra Rawal
Division : Administrative Division
Updated on : 29th November, 2020

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