Covid-19 and UGC Response

As University Grants Commission (UGC) is closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic situation and its impact on higher education, the Commission held a video conference meeting of University Coordination Committee (UCC). Headed by UGC Chairperson the committee comprises of the Vice -Chancellors of the all Nepalese universities. The meeting was held on the 3rd of April 2020 to discuss challenges faced by the universities amidst the pandemic.

UGC Chairperson, Prof. Bhim Prasad Subedi, shared serious concerns regarding challenges brought about by the pandemic and urged universities to design and implement immediate and long-term strategies to address the situation. The Vice-Chancellors outlined the various challenges faced by the universities as a result of the outbreak and their initiations to address these challenges. They expressed their readiness to further strengthen the online linkage and to continue to exchange ideas and experiences in the areas of teaching, research and innovation.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a major disruptions in universities and higher education institutions across the country. Regular face to face classes, scheduled examinations, and other research and administrative activities have been stopped due to the pandemic. This has adversely affected more than 400,000 students enrolled at various programs of the universities.

The conclusion of the meeting was switching to an online program as much and as early as possible was essential. This will help avert the risk of long-term negative socio-economic impacts in the country and delays in curriculum delivery due to COVID-19. Engaging students in academia was considered critical in order to reduce possible psychological impacts on them and their families .

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Posted on : 31st July, 2020
Posted by : Devendra Rawal
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Updated on : 31st July, 2020

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