A brief introduction
The Research Division (RD) is a permanent functional structure of the University Grants Commission (UGC) to manage its quality improvement and research support programs for the higher education institutions, faculty members and students. Responsibilities of the Research Division includes assistance to the Research Council and the UGC in formulation of research support policy and programs, day-to-day administration of the Research Development and Innovation Support programs and Quality Improvement Programs of the UGC, quality control, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation. The Research Division also serves as the secretariat to the Research Council, the Evaluation Council, the Research Integrity Committee and is responsible for their regular meetings and functioning. All administrative functions of the Research Division are governed by the general policies and rules of the UGC, and The UGC Research Development and Innovation Programs Implementation Guidelines

Figure: Institutional arrangement for implementing Researh Support Programs of UGC

The primary purpose of the Quality and Research Support Programs of the UGC is to promote research, development and innovation through research funding to the higher education institutions, faculty members and students for research and capacity development activities, as well as to strengthen the research infrastructure of the higher education institutions in the country in line with the Higher Education Policy 2016. It also draws on the objectives of the broader framework of the proposed National Program for Higher Education Research and Development (NPHERD) and its currently implemented component, the Higher Education Reforms Project (2014-2020). The UGC is currently providing financial support to the higher education institutions, faculties and students for the following major programs:

  1. Collaborative Research Grant
  2. Faculty Research Grant
  3. Small Research Development and Innovation Grant
  4. Special Research Grant
  5. Postdoctoral Fellowship
  1. Ph.D. Fellowship and Research Support
  2. M.Phil. Fellowship
  3. Partial support for Ph.D. Fellow
  4. Masters/M.Phil. Thesis Preparation Support
  5. Special Scholarship (MBBS/BE Scholarship for Madhesi Dalits)
C. Capacity Development Programs Support
  1. Support for organizing Research Training
  2. Training Fee Support
  3. Support for Organizing Refresher Course
  4. Support for Staff Capacity Development Programs
  5. Support for organizing conference, Seminar and Workshop
  6. Conference Travel grants
  7. Support for Short Term Visiting Professor
  8. Support for Short Study Visit to Foreign Country
  9. Support for publishing research article in ranked journal
  1. Support for national peer-reviewed journals
  2. Support for Publication of Research Reference Material
  3. Support for University-Industry Dialog
  4. Support to Research Management Cell (RMC)
  5. Research Laboratory Support
  6. Research Library Support
The scope, eligibility and procedure for these programs are outlined in The UGC Quality and Research Support Programs Guidelines 2017.