Message from The Chairman

Prof. Parashar Prasad Koirala, PhD.


University Grants Commission, Nepal

Email: pp.koirala@ugcnepal.edu.np

Phone: 977-01-6638548/49; Extension: 102

Good governance is a prerequisite for the rapid economic growth and development of a country. Education, especially higher education, facilitates good governance by preparing leadership for the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge to the society. Educated human resource is the major driving forces for economic growth, and this poses a challenge for any developing country to develop a competitive human resource from its own system of higher education. In the task of ensuring quality improvement in higher education in Nepal, the University Grants Commission has encouraged and supported the universities and other higher education institutions in the country to conduct both short term and long term academic programs under its own regular funding and also significantly under the grant assistance of the World Bank. It is expected that during the operation of the World Bank's 'Higher Education Reform Project' in the next five years, a number of higher education institutions will get benefit in developing their educational clout and guaranteeing good governance.