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"दिगो विकासका लागि गुणस्तरीय शिक्षा सबैका लागि सुरक्षित शिक्षण संस्था"

Recent News / Events

UGC Chairman Prof. Parashar Prasad Koirala Participated in the tenth meeting of the Committee of Heads of UGCs/Equivalent Bodies of SAARC Member States. The meeting was held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 15-16 June 2015. The focus of the meeting was on the agendas relating to academic issues in the South Asian Region. The meeting started with the observation of one-minute silence in honor of those who lost their lives in the recent earthquake in Nepal. The Committee decided to prepare common website of Heads of UGCs/Equivalent Bodies of SAARC Member States to which, Pakistan offered to prepare a template. The Committee decided to discuss about the identification of benchmarks for minimum standards of education of the SAARC member states. Pakistan is offered to prepare a document on this subject and circulate it among the member states through SAARC Secretariat. The committee also underscored the need to take action as per the Framework of Cooperation Agreement among the University Grants Commission/Equivalent Bodies of SAARC as adopted by the ninth meeting. It is appreciated the offer of government of India to host the meeting of the vice chancellors of universities of the SAARC Member States to consider the matters relating to collaboration and sharing of resources among universities offering Distance Education Programs. The committee adopted the Islamabad Statement on Higher Education in South Asia too. Another meeting of the Committee of Heads of UGCs/Equivalent Bodies of SAARC Member States is going to be held in Maldives in 2016.

Mr. Bhola Nath Pokharel has retired from the position of Member Secretary of the University Grants Commission (UGC) on 14th May 2015. The Government of Nepal had appointed him as a Member Secretary on 15th May 2011 for a four year tenure.

Jun 22, 2015

HERP Launching Program The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched the 'Higher Education Reform Project, (HERP)' on 11th June 2015 with the aim of brining drastic change in the higher education sector of Nepal. Prof. Dr. Parashar Prasad Koirala, Chairman, UGC, launched the project amid a programme organized at UGC office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. Speaking on the program Prof. Koirala said that the project will play the significant role in the reform process of higher education in the context of addressing the issues like equity, access and quality. He insisted on the equal effort of the all implementation agencies and stakeholders for the effective implementation of the project and to fulfil the project targets. During the launch, Prof. Koirala also stated that the project was prepared on the basis of achievements obtained from Second Higher Education Projects, Government's periodic plans, policies and national needs. Prof. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Vice-Chancellor, Tribhuvan University, who is also a member of UGC, urged on the abolition of party politics in the universities and higher education institutions for the effective implementation of the project. He also said that the project will help in the development of academic and institutional autonomy of the university. Mr. Takuya Kamata, Country Manger, World Bank, assured that the World Bank will continue its support for the development of higher education as it supporting since a long time. Prof. Mahendra Singh, UGC Member; Mr. Subas Chandra Dhungel, Chief Administrative Officer, UGC and Prof. Dr. Hiradaya Ratna Bajracharya, Technical Advisor, HERP, also spoke in the program. The Ex-Chairmen and Member Secretaries of the UGC; Vice Chancellors of the different universities, Members of the UGC; Rectors, Registrars and Deans of the universities; Professors and Experts; seniors officials from the MoE, MoF and NPC; Staff of the World Bank; Journalists and UGC staff were present in the launching program. The project will complete in 2020 with the funding support of the World Bank in the form of soft loan of 65 million US dollar.

Member Secretary's Participation on Conference Mr. Bhola Nath Pokharel, Member-Secretary, UGC Nepal participated in the regional conference on the status of higher education in south Asia held in New Delhi on 13-14th January 2014. Member Secretary Pokharel was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor of Far Western University Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi. The objective of the conference was to share and discuss on the status of higher education in South Asia and make a collective commitment for widening access, ensuring equity, enhancing quality, providing employability and social utility, and improving the international competitiveness of the member countries and the region.